You Will Never Win

Zach Homol

That’s a rather harsh way to title an article, so for those of you who decided to open and read, kudos! Let me explain my reasoning behind why you and I will never win. That is, until we change the way we are programmed. So, why is it? Why will we never win? I believe it has a lot to do with society or maybe the way most of us were raised. From a young age, we are directed away from believing in ourselves through a series of events that we may not even recognize.

Remember the time when you mentioned you wanted to become a professional basketball player and your teacher, mom, dad, or friend filled you in that you were 5’7 and 150lbs soaking wet with a jump shot worse than Shaq’s free throws? Or the time were you truly believed you were going to open your own business? That was until all your friends and family heard about it and had to fill you in on the 300,000 reasons your idea was shit and you would fail.

Did you ever make the NBA? Did you ever open that business? Why is that? Was it because you weren’t 6’8 with a jumper like MJ? Was it because your business idea was truly shit? Maybe, that is why you didn’t do either and that makes sense, right? Sure, to the naked, weak, closed minded that makes total sense. That does not make sense to me and never will.

We are brought up in a world where we are told we can be anything we want to be, but the second we dare to dream it, the idea is shot down by outsiders. Let this happen to a few hundred thousand ideas and see how confident you are when you have a new ground breaking idea. It’s hard, to believe in yourself so much just to have it shot down by others who don’t believe in themselves either. Wait, we are on to something! The same people who do not believe in themselves are shooting down ideas of those who want to believe in themselves, but need to seek counsel prior to getting the green light. Woah, what a twisted mess! We have people who don’t believe they can, asking people who don’t believe you can, because they were told they can’t.

So, why is it? Why will we never win? The answer is clear, it is how we are programmed. One half, yes half of the world lives in poverty. Now, I am not addressing the thousands of other reasons that could be at fault, rather just addressing the reason. The reason being, self-belief. True self-belief needs not any guidance from another man. True self-belief lives inside each and every one of us. It is at times tucked deeper away in some, more than in others. But there is one thing for certain, it lives in us all and if we choose to protect it, honor it, and chase it, anything we set our minds to can be accomplished.






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