We Are Running Out Of Time

Zach Homol

As I was running errands this past week prior to heading to the gym I drove past a grave yard. The same grave yard I drive past countless times a week. But this time was slightly different, I couldn’t tell you why exactly, it just was. Maybe it was the light drizzle of rain mixed with dark clouds casted over the sun. Maybe it was the brisk wind that made a sharp whistling sound just as I passed the grave yard. Whatever it was, it created an urge for me to stop. I have no family here in Indianapolis nor do I know anyone who is buried there. I just felt an urge, and was drawn to it.

I pulled in, put my car in park, turned the radio off and just sat there. Not knowing how long I would sit there, or why I was even there, I simply just sat and let my mind wander. After 3 to 4 minutes I picked up my phone and googled the average life expectancy of a male. In case you are unaware, it is just 78 years. The average male will live 78 years! To some that may seem like a long time, but to me all I could think about was I had already lived 1/3 of my life. I only have 2 more quarters to go, if I am even blessed to live that long.

I began to think about the last 24 years of my life, from being a kid, to the lessons I’ve learned, moments I am not so proud of myself, any adversity I have overcome, and accomplishments I have achieved. Maybe another 10 to 15 mins passed before I snapped out of my trance thinking back on my life, when I came to my senses the only thought in my mind was, “I’m not where I need to be, where I want to be, or where I believe I can be.”

I got out of the car and began to walk around, searching for the answers to all the questions going through my mind. Every so often I would glance over at a grave, to pay respect and see just how long that individual had lived. I then began to think, I wonder if this person lived a life of happiness? I wonder if this person loved the life they lived? I wonder if this person accomplished every goal and dream they had set for his or her self? Again, more question without answers.

I began to make my way back to my car, still pondering why I was walking through a graveyard where I had no one to visit. As I began to get into my car, I looked down to the grave I had parked closest to. The grave read 1972-1999, this man had live 27 years on earth. It hit me like a rock falling from the sky, he was here and now he is gone. There is no telling when we will go, but one thing is for certain, we will go. Did he accomplish every dream and goal he wanted to accomplish? I will never know.

I got in my car and started to make my way to the office, all my questions were answered in that graveyard. Life does not know your name, race, religion, or creed. Life does not stop, care, wait on your dreams and goals. Life knows to continue its course no matter how well you and I do or don’t do, we will someday be gone, numbers on a tombstone for someone to ponder how we lived our lives. It’s never been more clear to me than now, we are running out of time… ACT NOW! 

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