Time Under Tension

Zach Homol

“Time under tension” - A phrase you might of heard once or twice around the gym. The theory behind time under tension is more muscle growth. Makes sense, the longer your muscles are under tension, the more blood will be pumped into the muscle and the more you will break down the muscles. GREAT! Time under tension exercises should have a place in everyone’s programming, but this article isn’t necessarily about programming, or that specific “time under tension”.

Just as I relate all lessons of life back to the lessons I’ve learned from the iron, time under tension is one that has been on my mind most recently. Just like the gym, life is going to be hard, sometimes more so then not it’s going to be a grind. That’s the tension. Tension is what I like to think of is the universe testing me to see how bad I truly want it. Have you ever pulled back on a rubber band until it broke? What does it mean when the rubber band breaks? Simple answer - too much tension was applied to the rubber band. The band was simply not strong enough to withstand the tension applied. This happens to us all in life…if we aren’t strong enough to withstand the tension, that is.

Life has a way of putting tension on us when we are most vulnerable, maybe at our weakest of times. It’s easy to break, especially when you are already weak. But what if you don’t break? What if you are strong enough to withstand that tension that is being applied by LIFE? Just imagine if you pull back on the rubber band and it doesn’t break. It holds firm. Eventually your fingers are going to get tired and you will let go. When abruptly released, the rubber band catapults feet away from you.  Now imagine again, you are that rubber band. Life is pulling on you, wanting you to break. But if you can just OUTLAST the pain, you too can be released. Hence catapulting you closer to whatever your goals may be.

That’s something the gym has taught me. The biggest & strongest humans in the gym didn’t get that way over night. It took years upon years of consistency under the bar to become that way. It took TIME UNDER TENSION. Comparing to life, you may not be exactly where you want to be in this given moment, just remember the longer you are under tension, the stronger you are becoming. Stay strong, hold your ground, and outlast. You will WIN.

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