TD - Observational Learning

Zach Homol

Welcome back to another episode of Technique Daily with today's host, Zach Homol!  Zach is talking about Observational Learning.  This is a follow up video on Zach's latest article, Watching To Learn While Learning To Watch.  What he is going over is watching weaknesses in people in the gym, how they move, what their lifts look like, their strengths, etc.  Zach is always asking him self questions during this process which my be questions he doesn't know the answers to right now but through watching more he begins to find some answers to these questions.  Over the past decade this is how Zach has learned about 85% of what he has learned with the rest coming from books, the internet, and other strength training experts.  Watch as Zach explains and goes through the kind of things he's looking at during lifts and how he can help correct them.  This a life long project that never stops and the more you learn the better off your going to be.  Next time you're in the gym, watch the others in there lifting and see if you can learn a little bit of something.

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