Leg Day!: Heavy Squat Workout

Zach Homol

What’s up guys and thanks for checking back on another article here at Maxeffortmuscle.com!

It’s been a little while since I’ve hit you guys with a crazy workout so I’m excited to share with you the madness that I did this past Saturday for my leg day!

Squat: Box squat (with bands if accessible)  - As much rest as needed between each set

 4x5 (HEAVY)


Front squat: As much rest as needed between each set  

3x4 (HEAVY)


Speed Conventional deadlifts: – 30 second rest between each set

8x2 Reset each rep


Leg press: 1 minute rest between each set


1 Drop set hitting 3 different weights. 10 reps each weight!


45 degree back extensions: 1 minute rest between each set

3x20 body weight

3x10 weighted


Walking lunges:

15 minutes none stop!

This workout will be fueled with the NEW Max Effort Muscle Baking Mix (cookies) the night before. Test booster the morning of leg day. 1 Scoop of the Mango Pre-Workout mixed with 1 scoop of the Lemonade Post-Workout 30 mins prior to the workout! Let the gainz begin!

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