Increasing Your Deadlift

Zach Homol

Deadlifting is a simple yet extremely taxing movement for the body. Actually, the most taxing movement we perform at the gym, on the body. Did you know it can take up to 14 days to recover from a max effort deadlift? Deadlifting is a sheer test to human strength, both mentally and physically. Which is just one of the many reasons why you won’t see your average gym bro doing the movement. But for those of you who do deadlift, I want to teach you the top 3 accessory movements I use to INCREASE my deadlift. As always, anytime you are doing a posterior chain movement you should be cautious of injury, understand proper technique and leverages.


Let’s get started! These tips are universal- meaning they will be beneficial for both SUMO and CONVENTIONAL deadlifters.


1. Good mornings: Good mornings are often neglected due to the lack of understanding of how to do the movement. Most people seem to shy away from Good mornings because they are “nervous” on injuring their lower back. I understand the concern, trust me- I’ve seen the Good morning done incorrectly more times than I have seen It done correctly. So before diving into the movement check out the proper way to achieve the lift- both efficiently, and correctly.


Tips on Good mornings:

1. Take a LOW BAR position on your back

2. Keep your head & spine in a NEUTRAL POSITION

3. Sit BACK- applying the pressure to your hamstrings

4. Stay tight, don’t rush the movement

5. Use a belt as needed


2. Block or Pin pulls: Block pulls, a great accessory movement for those who are failing at the top of the deadlift (right at or around the knees and up) This movement is also very beneficial using accommodated resistance such as bands or chains. I prefer bands.


Tips on Block pulls:

1. Set the blocks or pin up 2 inches below the knee cap

2. Your shoulders should be behind the bar


4. Your hips should go directly to the bar from the starting position

5. Stay core tight!


3. Deficit Trap Bar Deadlifts: This has become a NEW favorite for me. A great accessory movement to both increase speed off of the floor, posterior chain strength, and leg drive! Setting up the trap bar while standing at a 2 inch deficit. Preform reps between 6-8 and reset after EACH REP.


Tips on Trap Bar Deficit Deadlifts:

1. Get Tight! – Bracing at your core and squeezing your shoulder blades together.

2. Focus on the eccentric movement. Don’t just drop the weight at the top of the deadlift.

3. Keep your chest up

4. Keep your head and spine in a neutral position

5. Don’t rush the lift- Reset after each rep



Start incorporating these movements into your training and begin watching your deadlift increase!

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