EXCUSES: Not Words But Actions

Zach Homol

There is nothing that drives me crazy more than hearing someone make an excuse as to why they can’t do something. Excuses are the number 1 factor that separate winners and losers.

Every time you make an excuse you are making an action - An action to NOT complete a task. Whether or not you truly know if you can or cannot accomplish the task, you’ve chosen to not even try. Therefore, you’ve chosen to lose.

Throughout the years I’ve picked up on all the small things that make winners, winners and losers, losers. One of the biggest separators is EXCUSE MAKING. I very seldom, if ever, hear a winner making an excuse to why they can’t do something. Yet, I consistently hear losers expressing why they can’t. Whether it be “I can’t squat because my knee hurts” or “I can’t wake up early because the body needs 8 hours of rest”. These are just a couple of the hundreds of excuses I hear on what must be a daily basis.

Here’s the deal, those excuses that are being made are LIMITING you to reaching your full potential!  We live in a VERY soft generation where we are advised to do less, and expect to receive more. Where training too much will make you worse.  Something I could never quite understand that falls in line with this train of thought - taking a “rest day” to get better.

Many years ago I decide to take the word CAN’T out of my vocabulary when speaking to myself. No matter what the task was, I would NOT use the word CAN’T. No matter how big, challenging, or “impossible” the task was, I would never say the word “can’t”. Using the word “can’t” immediately implies a message to your brain saying it doesn’t have to think, or even try the task at hand. Try using the word CAN and watch your brain start thinking of ways to compete the task. If we truly want to accomplish a goal, there can never be any doubt in our minds. We have to believe 110% that we are capable of achieving the task at hand.

Stop making the excuse to why you CAN’T, and start making excuses to why you CAN!


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