Deadlifting 600x16 Recap

Zach Homol

 As the Arnold Classic comes to an end I have many great memories from the weekend. The ones that stand out most is the overwhelming support from “you” and the stories that were shared with me. Making an impact, and changing the lives of others has always been and will continue to be the reason I do what I do. So for all of the support this weekend and the continued support from those who were unable to make it, THANK YOU!

  For those who weren't able to make it to beats and barbells at The Old School Gym Friday morning, the best way to say this is, you missed out on something special! The atmosphere was electrifying. From the moment I walked in the door all I could hear was loud shouts of encouragement as everyone was cheering on the next guy. It was truly something special and every “real lifters” dream atmosphere!  This made it perfect for the goal I had set for myself, which was to pull 600lbs for as many reps as I possibly could.

 As I made my way through the gym meeting and talking with old and new friends I could tell my conversations were weak and my emotion was dry. I had my mind set on 600lbs, as if it were the last thing I was going to do before I died.

I had been replaying the lift in my head over the past week for what must have been a few hundred thousand times. My days seemed foggy, the only ideas that entered my mind were of 600lbs. I get in this frame of mind before every big competition or big event where I will be lifting. I visualize the attempt over and over so many times that it becomes an absolute obsession. I can see myself almost as an out of body experience. I see myself reaching down to grab the bar, I feel the weight shift into my hamstrings and glutes as I begin to pull the bar, I hear the loud screams of encouragement, I can feel the energy in the room. The lift happens over a thousand times before I ever attempt it in real life. Then again, what is real life? I’ve always believed the mind is far more powerful than we may ever know. I program myself to believe that my thoughts will become my reality. So when the day and time comes, my reality has been my reality-thousands of times before.

 The time finally came, it was time to make my reality everyone else's reality in that moment. I had only deadlifted 1 time prior to this in the past 2 months due to a nagging SI injury I have been facing. The thought never crossed my mind on that day though, I was there for one reason and one reason only, to lift 600lbs off the ground as many times as I could.

 Just as I had envisioned a few thousand times before I began to reach down to pull the bar. Loud screams turned to distant voices in a matter of seconds. The room turned black and quiet, all I could hear, feel, or see was myself and the bar. I had felt this way a few thousand times before, therefore there was no surprise in the moment. I was supposed to feel this way, I was supposed to set a PR in this moment, this was my moment and there was no other place I was supposed to be. I began pulling focusing on every single inch and every single rep not letting my emotions of the MOMENT get the best of me. Sticking to the game plan I successfully set a 2 rep PR 600x16 weighing 190 pounds.

 For just a brief second after the lift I was filled with the emotion of happiness as the dozens standing around clapped and cheered. It was an amazing feeling that I’m glad I was able to share with everyone there. But just as any HIGH or LOW moment I allow it to only last but a few seconds, then it’s back to WORK.

We are what we believe we are. Believe you are, and you will.

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