Crazy A** Chest Pump

Zach Homol


What’s up guys! It’s been a few weeks since I have thrown a workout at you so HERE IT IS!

I have been stepping up the intensity and total volume of training leading into summertime. With vacations booked and plans of hanging by the pool, being slightly more aesthetically pleasing is always a good thing! Here is the intensity we have to bring on a regular basis to achieve irregular results! Straight up, YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE!

Let’s get to work!


Warm up:

  • Flat bench:

3x20 warm up 

2x5 – 2 min rest

1x3- 2 min rest

3x10 –2 min rest


  • Floor press:

5x8 pause top and bottom – 2 min rest


  • Incline dumbbell: 

3x10 heavy as possible- 90 second rest

 2 drop sets hitting 5 different weights 15 each!!  No rest during drop set. 90 second rest between each drop set.


  • Dips: 100 in the least amount of sets possible – 90 second rest


  • Incline dumbbell flys <superset> EZ bar skull crushers 

4x12 each! – 90 second rest


  • V bar push downs:

3x15 – 1 min rest

2 drop sets hitting AMRAP on 4 different weights – No rest during drop sets. 1 min rest between drop sets


  • Rope push downs:

3 drops sets hitting AMRAP ON 5 different weights – 1 min rest


  • Side raises: 100 total- don't drop weight -Do not drop the dumbbells till you hit 100 total reps!


I hope you guys enjoy this madness!


My current STACK:

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Post: Cherry Lemonade

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Protein: Cookies and Cream

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