Another Meet Week

Zach Homol

What’s up guys! Today is Wednesday April 26th 2017 and I am 3 days away from competition. I’m feeling very excited to compete this weekend as I am coming off of my most successful training cycle I’ve ever had.

Training leading up to this meet has been going great. I’ve scored a fast 700 lbs squat, numerous 440 lbs benches, and a 680lbs deadlift for 2 reps. This has made this by far my best training cycle ever. I’ve had numerous training cycles where my squat would be up but my deadlift would be down and vice versa. Anyone who has competed can understand the struggle. The goal is to time your training to compete at your highest level on meet day, on all 3 lifts! In order to do so everything has to be keyed in - training, nutrition, preventative maintenance, and overall feeling healthy. This can be challenging, very rarely do I feel 100% everywhere. Let’s face it, lifting heavy weight hurts- it’s part of the game and the glory.

Now that my training has come to a mere end before meet day I’m mostly just stretching and going through the motions on some seated rows, light bicep curls, v-bar push downs, and crunches. My main focus right now is executing on meet day. But, there is one other thing that creates a distraction before competing and that’s a weight cut.

Cutting weight is more normal in weight class sports. Most guys will cut a weight class or the extra 5-10 pounds to put themselves in the class below to be more competitive. This is to be true in powerlifting as well. Cutting weight is something I do on an extreme level to put me in position to perform at the highest level in the weight class. This cut started 12 days out from weigh ins. My body weight was 210 lbs (night weight) and I will be competing at 181. Yes, a 30lbs weight cut in less than 2 weeks. Note, cutting weight can be extremely detrimental to your performance if not done efficiently. The weight cuts are complex and in depth from the cut to the reload - everything has to be on point or you can expect to lose pounds on the bar.

I will be competing in the IPA (International Powerlifting Association) in Newark, OH. This federation allows 24-hour weigh ins which then allows for me to make these bigger weight cuts.

The next detail to remember for meet week is actual meet day! Something I see way too often with new lifters is the lack of nutrition and hydration on meet day. Meets are normally very long. Some meets can go from 9 a.m to past 9 p.m. This can make for a long, exhausting day and on a day you are trying to lift at the highest level you possibly can, you will want both your nutrition and hydration on point! I tend to drink 2 plus gallons of water throughout the day while eating meals before and in between flights. The meals I eat aren’t HUGE meals, rather small yet more frequent. I will snack too (chips, oreos, cookies, doughnuts, etc.) but the majority of my meals are coming from higher carb-nutrient meals!

My openers for the meet are set! I will be opening at a 635 pound squat, 420 pound bench, and a 635 pound deadlift. That is really the only thing on my mind right now, that 635 pound opening squat. I see a lot of people start to psych themselves out by thinking too far ahead. Remember, 1 lift at a time!

I do enforce a game plan and work better that way. But note, that at anytime the game plan can change on feel on meet day! My second attempts are set at a 700 pound squat, 440 pound bench, and a 680 pound deadlift. My goals for this meet are set at: 730 pound squat, 460 pound bench, and a 700 pound deadlift totaling 1,890. That is a total I have been shooting at for well over 2 years. As always, we will see on meet day.

I’m excited to compete this weekend! Anyone who is in or around Columbus Ohio and interested in powerlifting meets, how they are run, and what to expect: I highly recommend coming and checking out this event!

To follow along the remainder of my 30lbs weight cut in 2 weeks, the reload, and meet day itself add me on snapchat as I will be continuing to document the day!

Snapchat: zachhomol

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