241 Reps For America

Zach Homol

This 4th of July we are celebrating 241 years of freedom! To show our thanks most Americans will be celebrating by having cookouts, parties, baseball games, fireworks and more! This year, let's start it out with a BANG with this grueling workout!

Each round is to be a GIANT SET! No rest between each giant set! 1 min rest between rounds! 


Ready, set, GO!


Workout - 241 Total Reps!


Round 1:

Burpees: 20

Push ups: 20

Dips: 20

1 min rest:


Round 2:

Air squats:20

Pull ups: 10

Box jumps: 10

1 minute rest


Round 3:

Burpees: 20

Sit ups: 20

Pull ups: 10

1 minute rest:


Round 4:

Push ups: 20

Dips: 20

Air squats: 20

1 minute rest:


Round 5:

Burpees: 10 

Push ups: 10

Dips: 11

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