TD - Single Leg Hip Thrust

Cory Gregory


Welcome back to another episode of Technique Daily with today's host, Cory Gregory!  Cory is going to show you how to do a Single Leg Hip Thrust.  What you are going to do is put your back on a bench, bridge your hips up, then keep the leg that you are focusing on bent at 90 degrees and planted in the ground with the other leg raised off the ground.  Lower your hips down to the ground an then raise your hips all the way up to the top squeezing your glute at the top making sure you get your hips all the way through.  Cory came up with a single leg activation that is helping him get warmed up using the exercises doing 15 reps at a time then switching legs.  Use this exercise to help get your glutes firing before squatting or use it everyday to keep everything inline.  Give these Single Leg Hip Thrusts a try and let us know what you think!

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