Fat Burner Glute & Hip Blaster

Cory Gregory


Cory Gregory is back to show you a great BOOTY BLASTER SUPERSET!  It's fat burning time and all you ladies out there getting ready for the summer BUT also all the guys out there you are going to like this to get everything active.  What you are going to do is alternate 5 minute supersets of walking lunges where you are going to come all the way down with the knee behind the toe then you are going to use either Mark Bell's Hip Circle or a resistance band around your knees and walk side to side keeping you knees out.  Give this Fat Burning Glute & Hip Blaster a try and let us know what you think!


Fat Burner Glute & Hip Blaster:

Alternate for 1-4 sets 

5 minutes walking lunges 

5 minutes side shuffle with hip circle or bands 

This can be used as a warmup as extra GPP or for a straight killer 30-40 minute workout 


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