Tips To Bring Your Deadlift Through Obscurity

Cory Gregory


I’ll be the first to say that when I started my Squat Everyday journey that my lifts were lackluster at best. That’s the main reason I started squatting every day. I did have some decent power lifts when I was heavier but when I was lighter, preparing for photoshoots and all of that, they all went to shit. My plan was that when I get lean as hell, I still wanted to be strong. I was tired of being weak for photoshoots. I wanted to be ripped to the bone and squat 405 at a photoshoot, I wanted to do bodybuilding one day and powerlifting the next. What I really ended up doing was the trifecta: Olympic Lifting, Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. I’ve also done a Bodybuilding and Powerlifting meet in the same weekend. What this stems from was just wanting to be the guy who could do it all simultaneously. So these are the three things that I believe contributed to rising my deadlift from a RAW 450 to a competition of 575, and 600 in the gym.

One of these things was, other than squatting everyday, adding front squats, specifically front squat pauses.  Swear to you that every time my front squat went up, my deadlift went up. I saw a direct correlation. When I front squatted 315, I could pull 500 like it was a joke. Once I was front squatting 365, I could pull 550 like a joke. Once I could front squat 405, I could pull 600, not like a joke, but I pulled it sumo. There was a direct correlation here.

Number two, I believe was high repetitions on a glute/hamstring developer (looks like a back extension with a bigger pad; a lot of you probably don’t have this at your gym). I really believe that doing these on a regular basis was massive for me. When I first tried these I could only do 6 reps, barely. I got to wear I was doing 5x5 with 70lb dumbbells. Now I’m up to doing 25 reps of bodyweight or, even a couple times, doing sets of 25 while holding a 25lb plate. I’ve greatly increased my posterior chain with this glute/ham developer.

Thirdly, I would say deficit conventional deadlift. My conventional was my weakest. I had a hard time creating speed off the ground and I was just straight up weak. I’ve really liked deficit deadlifts for this, which is just standing on one or two plates. When I started doing these, occasionally through bands, it mad a huge difference.

I’m not an unbelievable powerlifter. I do have an elite total at 181 and 198, but these are three things that helped my deadlift come from obscurity.

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