The Key To Finding Good Training Partners

Cory Gregory


Even for someone as motivated as I am, I need people to hold me accountable. On top of that, having my crew in my corner pushes me to go even further. I know that every day they are going to be standing at Old School at what is the middle of the night for most people and they will be competitively trying to beat me.

For us, 4am is a big key. Not everyone is waking up feeling amazing every day and on those days when you’re just not feeling it, a competition can turn that around. It’s all about finding a training partner who can bring out the best. They should also have the same goals as you. Whether that’s physique goals, power goals or a combination of both like my guys. When they’re committed to that time frame; being punctual and ready to rock when we get in the gym.  Also, communication is big, letting each other know when you’re having an off day and need to feed off of their energy is another key.

I’ve probably been through 100 training partners or better since high school. Getting people to come train with me at 7am was hard and now I’ve got 30 guys in here at 4 in the morning. I’m blessed to have a group at this level and it keeps me young, pushes me harder and reaching more goals. No one likes to get beat or come in second and the accountability factor of having like-minded individuals at the gym pushes you farther. The funny thing is that when we’re at the gym we’re lifting but that’s not what we’re talking about. That camaraderie and brotherhood that we have in our crew is special. Not everyone can get 30 people at the gym at 4am, but it all starts with one person. We had one, and then two and the beauty of these types of training partners is that it will spread like a wildfire. So find yourself that one training partner with similar goals and the same level of dedication and just watch it grow.


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