Seated Good Mornings

Jason Newlan


The seated good morning is the most essential movement to increase my deadlift and squat. As a young lifter I have always asked many seasoned lifters how I could increase my deadlift. They chuckled and simply told me that “anything will help my deadlift.” It took me so long to understand that statement, but it finally clicked.


For me I’ve always had really strong hips, glutes, and hamstrings. I believe wrestling and playing football all my life has helped with that. My squat has always been better compared to my deadlift. I knew my hips weren’t the issue. My biggest problem in regards to my deadlift was keeping my chest up from the beginning. No matter what I tried, I couldn't seem to keep my chest up until I discovered this great exercise called the seated good morning.


~ The seated good morning taught me how to properly brace my stomach, how to flex and arch my back, and taught me how to properly engage and contract my hamstrings. Over time this exercise made me a stronger human, as well as teaching me proper mechanics to deadlift.

To properly execute a seated good morning--

~ Set a box up behind you like you would a box squat.

~Unrack the weight and in a controlled motion begin to sit back on the box.

Once you are fully seated on the box, I personally like to spread my legs out so when I hinge forward it puts pressure on my glutes and hamstrings.

~When I get my legs out I begin to hinge forward at the hip keeping my chest up as high as I can while keeping my glutes on the box.

~I come forward as far as I can go without breaking the position.

~ To come back up, I start by flexing my upper back first all the way down to my glutes to bring me back to an upright position

I typically do 4-5 sets of 6-8 reps, after heavy deadlifts or squats. The carry-over has been insane and I can keep my chest way more upright when I deadlift as well as keep my shoulders behind the bar when the weight gets heavy.


Give these a try and I believe you will be very surprised in how much this helps your deadlift.


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