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A lot of people have heard isometrics talked about for years. I know the Soviet Union used isometrics back in the day for certain types of movements with the Dynamo Club; for Olympic weightlifting, some recovery stuff and to change up the body to create more strength. Most people have done a wall sit or plank in their time with a sport to isometrically hold for a certain period of time to make you stronger. What I would challenge you to do is throw some isometrics into normal every day training and really look at some movements that aren’t typically isometric.

The first way I started getting into it was isometric band push-downs. I would hold at the extended position, locked out, tricep hold for a minute for 5 sets. Another one I’ve done is on a 45-degree or 90-degree hyperextension, the same way. 30-60 seconds holding at the top, isometrically squeezing you glutes, low back and locking it in your core. You can also do a 90 degree isometric bicep curl. Go half way up, hold for 30 seconds to a minute and it’s a great way to blow it out. Isometric Arrow T’s or lateral raises where you’re just holding it up for that amount of time.

It really can be utilized in any type of exercise. There has to be a way to make it harder, hold it longer and challenge yourself through isometrics. I would say look at your programming and try some different types of isometrics again.

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