How to Set Up Bands for the Squat

Jason Newlan


Band training is a great way to mix up your lifting routine. It creates a new challenge and allows a lot of variation in your traditional barbell exercises (bench/squat/deadlift)- Using bands properly in training is a proven way to become stronger as well as it creates more of a competitive environment because you must strain hard to push through the bands that are trying to break you down.

To get the most out of the bands you must set them up correctly. The video above thoroughly explains how you set them up.

Here are a few tips to ensure you are creating the most amount of tension possible setting up bands in a power rack

  • Loop the bands around 2 wide objects (2 heavy dumbells)
  • Pull the band over the barbell (make sure it feels tight)
  • Try using the bands to see if there is tension at the top AND botttom.
  • There will be more tension at the top but you need tension on both ends of the lift for you to get the most out of the bands.

If you have any more questions about band set-up feel free to ask @jason_newlan

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