Grip Strength Tips

Dustin Myers


Coach Dustin Myers is live from the Ohio Regional Training Center to share with you a couple Grip Strength Tips.  Remember you can be the biggest guy in the world and have the biggest muscles but if you can't hold on to something your big muscles won't do you any good.  The first exercise that Dustin is going to show you is Towel Pull-ups.  You can use a sweatshirt or a towel and wind it up and throw it over the bar.  You are going to want to get as much of the material in your hand as possible.  Don't hold on to the end of it.  You will alternate sides after each rep pulling your head to the sides of the pull-up bar.  Shoot for sets of 10 reps, 5 on each side no kipping.  The second exercise that Dustin likes to superset the towel pull-ups with is called Plate Pinch.  You are going to use bumper plates.  The key to a plate pinch is you want you hands flat like a clamp.  You don't want to grab the lip of the plates.  Pinch them with a flat hand and stand up with them.  Try to work up where you can do minute holds with the plates.  Once you can hit a minute, move up to a heavier weight.  If you don't have bumper plates you can use iron plates and use the 10lb plates but turn them in so the the smooth part of the plates are facing out.  Give these Grip Strength Tips a try and let us know what you think!


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