Forearm Twist Exercises

Dustin Myers


Coach Dustin Myers is live from the Ohio Regional Training Center to share with you some great grip strength/grip endurance exercises.  You've probably used a forearm rope before where you twist the handle and the rope wraps around the handle which is a great exercise for grip strength and endurance.  But the problem is eventually your forearms are going to get strong enough that this exercise is going to be limited by how much weight you can hold out in front of you.  This would mean that you could actually do more weight than what your shoulders can hold up.  So to solve that problem and to let you go a little heavier, Dustin has this great variation that he learned from his guys at The Pit.  You are going to take a band and attache it to a heavy dumbbell and put the band around the end of the barbell which will be placed in a rack about shoulder height.  To get it started you are going to fold the band and double it up and start twisting the barbell wrapping the band around it.  Now the key is once you get all the way up you don't just want to let it fall down, you are actually going to turn the bar to bring it back down.  You will go both ways twisting the bar towards you and then twisting away from you.  You should be able to use twice the weight as you would use on the forearm rope.  Give both these Forearm Twist Exercises a try and let us know what you think!


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