Don't Be Afraid To Miss

Cory Gregory


You can’t be afraid to miss in the gym.  Many people out there that train are scared to take serious weight, struct with the fear of missing.  If you are not missing weights in the gym from time to time, you are not pushing yourself enough.  An obvious place where this happens frequently is going to be the commercial gyms like Planet Fitness or the Y.  It’s a mix of the fear of missing the weight, dropping the weight on the floor and worrying about the front desk.

If you are in a commercial gym setting, and your goal is to push your lifts up, you need to be taking those weights that scare you.  If you are concerned about the front desk, I say fuck em.  If they are going to give you shit for bailing on the weight and it hits the ground, it may be time for you to find a new gym.  If you are sticking around sub-maximal weights on a regular basis and never take your body to the max, how will you know what you can do?

In my programming, we are pushing to a Daily Max, which changes every day.  A host of factors such as how you recover, workouts from previous week, sleep, hydration, etc. are going to play a part in what your Daily Max is.  Every day isn’t going to be Christmas, and you have to understand that.  It is imperative that you take your body up to a miss on some days to see what you are truly capable of.  This is how you hit PRs, and this is how you progress.

Form, technique and safety are still extremely important here, so do not discount these.  Sometimes I purposefully will put myself out on an island, meaning I don’t have a back or side spotters and go for it.  It’s up to me to make the lift.

Don’t be afraid to miss.


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