699 Squat....Check It Out

Cory Gregory


I walked into this meet wanting to squat 735lbs.  I walked out making only my third attempt at 699lbs.  Here’s how the story goes.  First off, I’ve been squatting with bands over the past several weeks, and for those that aren’t familiar, it makes the bar increasingly heavier as you stand the bar up from the bottom of the squat and the bands stretch.  It forces you to be more explosive in your lifts because you have to grind through those sticky points.  Well, because I did this meet on the fly I hadn’t squatted a huge weight without bands in over six weeks. 


I opened up the meet at 650 lbs, (I thought I hit parallel) and smoked it.  They ended up red-lighting me for depth, but because it felt easy I decided to go up.  At this meet they were using kilos, so the numbers were slightly different as well.  I called for 699 next.  The guy there told me that if I wanted to have one of my guys stand on the side, he would hit his leg so he could give me the “up call” when I got deep enough.  I had one of my friends Mike Wolf stand by the judge so that he could tap his leg to give me the up call. 


Well, I took this 699 lift super slow, which costed me a bunch of energy and I missed it.  So here we are: two misses in and I NEED my third lift to stay in the meet.  In Powerlifting you can’t decrease bar weight, you can only stay at the current weight or increase.  I originally went up to 716 lbs, but I told myself to be smart and stick with the same weight.  I told the back spotter (that I recognized from the internet) that I was going to drop this motherfucker in there. 


What I was thinking in my head was, “I’m going to take this speed down and as soon as I feel like I’m at or below parallel, I’m going to get up no matter what.”  As you can see in my third lift, I drop it right in there and got the fuck back up. 


One thing I love about Powerlifitng is the challenge it poses.  I HAD to make this third lift or I was done.  Having no other choice, I rose to the occasion and made it happen.  I continue to learn more and more at each powerlifting meet, while still having a bunch of fun at the same time.


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