3 Tips For Beginning Lifters

Cory Gregory


The main thing that I can tell any beginning lifter is to really focus on, and perfect, the compound movements. Everyone knows of the big 3 – Squat, Bench and Deadlift – but I want to also throw in Military Press and Pull-Ups. More times than not I see kids try and jump on these elaborate programs and they don’t even have a base set up yet. If you focus on these movements and get the form down then you will be more successful in all lifts. It’s all about getting back to the basics.

Another thing is consistency. You’ve got to show up and put the work in. Since I was 17 years old I haven’t missed more than a week’s worth or workouts. Everyone always hits me up asking for the secret to what I do and there isn’t one. It’s all about consistency and I don’t miss. There was one summer where I missed some workouts and I vowed from that day forward that it would never happen again. 20 years have passed and I’m still in the gym grinding every single day.

Finally, I think it’s good to find people who excel at what you want to accomplish and study them. It’s excellent to have role models that you can look up to, mimic and read about. When I was first starting I learned everything there was to know about Arnold. If there were a book, an article or an interview, I’d read it. Then after I felt I had a good understanding of the Golden Era and all that entails, I studied Louie Simmons. I used these guys, my mentors, to build off of one another and create where I’m at today. It’s important to have guys like this so that you can take in the knowledge and push yourself further.

What I program is a lot of Golden Era stuff. These types of movements will help to give you that base while also getting you jacked and strong. A lot of workouts out there don’t give you the ability to do both but that’s something I’ve always focused on. Whether you’re a beginning lifter, or a vet like me, my programs are a lot of volume and will help give you a solid base, while still leaving you room to tweak it for yourself. Find some mentors and study them, start building that solid base and don’t fucking miss!

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