You Have That Feeling For a Reason

Kelsey Lensman ATC


There’s this feeling deep down inside. It’s almost unexplainable and sounds ridiculous when trying to describe it out loud. It’s that feeling that you get to go do something. It’s that feeling that you get to go visit somewhere. It’s that feeling that you get to go talk to that person. You have no clue why you are feeling that way. It doesn’t make sense.  Why am I feeling this way? Why go put myself in an uncomfortable situation when I’m content with my life? Why acknowledge what my gut is telling me when that thing that it’s telling me to go do or go visit scares the hell out of me and makes me nervous?

Do it. Whatever it is that your gut is telling you – go do it. Go do it now and go do it with all your heart. Will it be uncomfortable? Hell yes. Will you not know what the future holds because of it? Hell yes. Will it pay off in the end? Hell freaking yes.

Feelings are placed inside of you for a reason. You have that gut feeling for a reason. It isn’t a hunch that is going to go away. It isn’t a phase that you might pass over. If it’s deep down in your soul, you must not only acknowledge it, but GO FOR IT.

Why? Fast forward to when you’re 70 or 80 years old. You’re sitting there reflecting on your life. You think about when you were 25 and had that dream to sell your art that you spend every waking hour doing in your free time. You want to travel the country and share what you so deeply love to everyone else. You have that gut feeling deep down inside pulling you towards living out your dream. But instead, you ignore it. Your family tells you that it is a silly idea. You’ll never make money that way. How are you going to support your family? So, you get a 9-5 job. You work 40 hours a week to live for the weekends. Sunday comes around and you can’t wait for Friday to already be here. Now you’re 70 years old. You’re sitting there thinking about your life and realizing you wished it away before you even gave yourself a chance to live. You existed - you didn’t live. You went through life’s motions. Make one decision to follow your gut and your life might turn out completely different. If you have that feeling – go. You have one life to live – go.

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