Winning Mindset

Cory Gregory


     Many struggle with their mindset and their daily disciplines.  These two pillars go hand in hand, and together they create a winning mindset.  Working on yourself through daily disciplines, mind and body, provide you the mindset in order to succeed.


     What is my definition of a winning mindset?  I always think with an optimistic attitude, never a pessimistic one.  Straight up, I believe it’s a way better and productive way to live your life.  If you are always looking and finding the negative side of things, then I would challenge you to look at the other side.  I understand that life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine, but if you are approaching things through an optimistic and winning mindset lens, then even the worst things don’t seem too bad. 


     I know that it can be difficult and people have this or that going on in their life, but it keeps you on the right path.  Overall, I still get up every day looking at everything in a positive light.  Life is truly what you make it.


     Get up with that “glass half full” mentality.  With that winning mindset.  That what you have set out to do is going to be successful.  Just know that if that discipline is there, the mindset is easier to keep, and in turn the goals become easier to attain.  I don’t want to get it twisted because nothing is easy, but once you get into a groove you start to expect to win


     If your expectations are for the stars and you land on the moon, it’s okay.  I get under the bar expecting to make my lifts and I go into my business meetings expecting to get the deal done.  That confidence in life is the absolute key. 


     Start working on your winning mindset.  Evaluate your daily disciplines to see if they match up.  Moving your mindset in the right direction can make a massive difference in your life.  Remember, it’s always just a little better to operate through an optimistic lens.


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