Why I Compete

Jacob Pontius


I don’t compete because it is cool.


I don’t compete to impress anyone.


I don’t compete to make friends.


I compete because I fucking love it and need competition every single day. I want to walk you through my typical day.


I wake up at 3 AM. The first thing that I do in the day is based around competition. I go to the gym and compete against 20-30 other people that want to beat my ass and don’t care if they do it by five pounds or 100 pounds. And, I want to beat them just as bad.

Now I want to walk you through my morning when I don’t base it around competition or when I miss my morning workout. I roll out of bed whenever I wake up. I get to the office “on time” rather than being ahead. I am complacent. I respond to things as they come to me. I am constantly on defense, rather than staying on offense.


When I strategically base my day around competition, it forces me to get better. I want to beat everyone else, but first and foremost, I want to beat myself. I want to lift five more pounds than I did at my last meet. I want to shave 20 cents off of what we pay for something and save the company money. I want to challenge myself to think of fresh, new ideas. I want to get better every single day.

Now the next challenge is to retain this. Anyone can do this for a short amount of time, but a very small percentage can retain this level of focus and work long term.


I want to challenge you to focus on this for a day. Crush that, and focus on it for a month. And, then focus on it for a year. You keep leveling up, by constantly remaining in a state of competition.


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