Tips From CoryG To #WakeYourAssUp

Cory Gregory


The reason that I enjoy getting up so early is because I know the advantage that it gives me in the marketplace. I think that because I’ve been so consistent with this for so many years that it allows me to train without being interrupted, which is important as a practitioner. It also allows me to weed out any knucklehead training partners. If you aren’t real then you’re not going to get up that early. That’s why the 4AM Crew is so legendary because the guys are so dedicated. It truly gives you a strategy hours ahead of the rest of the world that, if you keep at it long-term, it pays off. I think that being able to withstand it for this long is the biggest key to my success. When I don’t get up early and get in that development of my body and mind, I don’t even feel like the same person. The difference it makes is unbelievable.


The snooze button is the biggest procrastination tool I’ve ever encountered. People set an alarm knowing that they’re going to hit the snooze for a half hour. To me, that doesn’t make any sense. Don’t tease yourself, just set the alarm a half hour later. I would completely outlaw the snooze button. Stop saying that you’re going to be lazy for 5 more minutes. Quit doing that to yourself! The snooze button sets the tone on being lazy for some amount of time before you start your day. It will limit your productivity so just outlaw the snooze button.



Check this out, when my alarm goes off at 3AM, of course I feel tired. I’m excited to go to the gym, but I still feel tired. You can’t have the alarm clock right beside your bed because then you’re going to break step 1. What’s happened to me is that I’ve shut it off without even knowing it because I was so tired. Set it on the other side of the room. If you have to get out of the bed, then for me, I’m already right by the mirror and I have to look at myself trying to be a little punk who wants to go back to bed. So just make sure you set it away from you.


Everybody is going to battle from time to time. Some days this will be harder than others but what I talked about: no snooze, alarm on the other side of the room, so when I pick up that phone, I immediately turn on the light in my bathroom. I have to look at myself and I can say, “you ain’t that tired,” or literally go, “wake your ass up!” This is what it’s about. This is the separator. This is what it takes to bring your A-Game. If I’m feeling like a little punk when I wake up, I’ll say these things to myself. And I’ve got to tell you, I barely ever wish that I didn’t go. I feel so much better. So much more focused. All it takes is getting uncomfortable, getting up and going to the gym.


A lot of people think that I’ve never experienced this, which isn’t true, because everyone does. We’re all human. But if you can use these 3 tips to help you out a little bit, you’ll be good to go. I’m even going to give you a bonus tip!


The bonus tip is that Max Effort Pre Workout sets the tone for me. I drink it either on the way or as soon as I get to the gym and it gives me the proper dose of ingredients that I need after forcing myself out of bed. It gets my body and mind dialed in for that workout that’s starting at 4AM.


Lastly, don’t go from getting up at 7, to getting up at 4. Ratchet it back an hour, then another hour, and over time you’ll get yourself to what I believe is an elite schedule.

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