Strong Mind, Strong Body

John Fosco


     There is no way to operate at your highest potential as a human being, unless you prioritize your mind and body equally. Too often as we age, and as jobs, careers, promotions, and bills come across our plate, we neglect the natural fact that our body needs as much time, energy, and focus as our mind does. This starts at nutrition, it goes into the gym, it goes into recovery, and also into motivation.


     When you combine a strong body with a strong mind, you are going to simply, by appearance, receive a higher level of respect from others who can look at you and understand that you are not lazy, and you are disciplined. What you prioritize, you get done. There is something to be said about an individual who walks into a room, talks about executing, and their body speaks for them, along with their mouth.


     You are going to be more confident if you carry yourself in this manner and if you put in the work to look like your body is a priority. You are going to receive more belief from others if you put stock in both the body and the mind. Ultimately, you are going to feel more confident in every situation, because you know that you are not neglecting anything! You are catering to your body’s needs; you are catering to the needs of your mind. Ultimately, these two things connect. And when these two connect, we are the best version of ourselves.


     Let’s stop making excuses as to why we cannot manage our bodies & minds respectively, and let’s start understanding that we will achieve the most when the body and the mind are connected through hard work, focus & discipline.


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