Silence That Voice

Kelsey Lensman ATC


Today I got home from the gym and laid down with my dogs. I told myself on the drive back that when I got home I was going to take my dog for a 30 minutes run so I could be done with cardio for the week. But, I got home and I just laid there. The bed was comfy, my dogs were curled up, and I had every reason to not go run.


“You can just do it tomorrow.” “Oh, you didn’t sleep that much last night. You’re tired. Take a nap.” “But your dogs are comfy.” “You already worked out hard. Take it easy” Those words right there… it’s your weakness talking to you. It’s trying to tell you it’s okay to not be disciplined. It’s trying to tell you it’s okay to be average. It’s trying to tell you to be soft, be easy, and don’t go as hard. It’s trying to keep you in that same spot you’ve been stuck in for months.


Did I want to go run this morning? Hell no. But I did it anyway. Why? Because I know I would be PROUD of myself after for not giving in. I would be PROUD of myself after for getting it done when I didn’t want to. I would be PROUD of myself after for being stronger than that dang little voice that tries to keep me being average and doing average things with average people.


My advice to you – when you hear that voice, destroy it. Give it no other option but to be silenced. Remember it’s you making excuses for yourself why you can’t or shouldn’t do something. It’s in YOUR head.  Hear that voice, give it a wink, and say “not today.” Go crush today.

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