Reassess Your Goals

Cory Gregory


We talk about at great length about goal-setting and many of us do reach them!  To be honest, I’ve reached some goals that I thought were unreachable.  I’m sure that you guys have had people that went from having regular jobs to opening their own gym too.  You got there and now you have to reassess to continue moving forward.

I want to make you more conscious and aware of this topic.  If you are staying the course and doing what you need to have success, make sure to keep the momentum going by evaluating and assessing your goals moving forward.  I’ve had to go through this process multiple times throughout my career and I’m currently going through it again.  It is mandatory that you do this in order to progress to the next level.  It’s important to understand that I’m not just talking about material things or business numbers, but also about what Urban Meyer calls above the line

Expect to be above the line and expect more of yourself.  Some people would say that it’s never enough (some do reach points where it is enough for them), and I would agree because if you are a focused, driven individual, then that’s simply the way it rolls.  Make sure to assess your goals often, stay focused, and keep on track because you may check off these goals quicker than you anticipated. 

Reassess your goals regularly!

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