My Non-Negotiables

Cory Gregory


     You have to get up earlier than you do right now, plain and simple.  Unless you are already fully in the lifestyle: getting up, personal development, training, personal development, conditioning, reading, etc., I challenge you to take some time for yourself.  This could be to go train or to take a 20-minute walk while listening to an audio book or podcast.  Non-negotiable morning routines are everything.


     As you are reading these words just realize that EVERYONE needs their own time.  Set your alarm clock and don’t hit snooze.  Get up no matter how you may feel.  I’m not saying to get up at 3am (I know this is crazy), but you need to make and allocate time for yourself.  You won’t miss that half hour or hour of sleep.  The time that you set aside for yourself, compounded over time will make a massive difference. 


     Take my word for it because I have been doing it for a long time.  There’s absolutely nothing like it.  Everyone in this world is constantly being pulled on, and when you are free from these distractions you can truly take a deep breath to work on you.


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