My Mentality

Cory Gregory


Lately, I have been looking through old pictures and I must admit, I love seeing how far I have come in my life time thus far. It's wild to me because sometimes, just like anyone else, I lose sight of the journey. It’s been nearly 15 years since I stepped out of the coal mine. I never knew that any of the things I have done in life were truly achievable. In all reality, I couldn’t even have made any of this up. The picture that is on the cover of this article was from my friend Josh Dorsey’s garage gym. I trained there for a few short months while I was underground mining. It’s strange how I remember the most random things. One particular day, I remember training at Josh’s, it was arm day and even though I was whipped from shoveling the coal on the belt line all morning, I trained as hard as I could. Something about that day and that training session made the light bulb inside of my head go off. It was during that training session, I realized I was following the right path. It was in that moment, I knew I was done with the coal mining world, ready to move to Columbus to start my dream of being this so-called gym and fitness guy.

My vision was clear, I knew what I wanted to really do in life and I was locked in to achieving it. I worked so hard every day with the vision of just the opportunity. The opportunity was work, 16 hour days, the opportunity was to do what I love to do. Logging 80 sometimes 90 hours per week for 4 to 5 months underground, I saved money to move away. My bank account had reached nearly 20 thousand dollars, enough for me to chase my dream. All those long days shoveling coal were finally paying off and on top of that, my physique was improving as well. Back then it was just a dream, I wanted to turn that dream into a reality, with every shovel full of coal and each rep in the gym I moved one step closer to achieving it.

I love looking back at the past as it can help build the future. When you can tap into that mentality daily which I believe my current habits allow me to do. It creates a path that you can’t even visualize how far it will lead you. I challenge you when you are struggling to look back and see how far you’ve come. I do this all the time, not to pat myself on that back but check myself, keep it real and stay hungry toward being great one day. I know I have come so far, yet 20 years of grinding I have to stay hungry. I know I have so much left to do as an athlete, so many more people to teach, impact and lastly to build a legacy I am proud of when I am an OG. I am going to seize my future and so should you!