Get Intentional With the First Part of Your Day

Cory Gregory


The concept of true detail is something that I have lacked at different times in my life.  That being said, I take great comfort in being detailed in the uncomfortable part of the day… first thing in the morning.  It’s easy to get up every day and have an idea of what your expectation level of yourself is, although you may not carry through to the level that you may intend.


I want you to focus on this word: intention.  If you have an intention to carry out a high level of focus but keep straying off path, then you may not have planned those little details out clearly enough.  What does this mean?  I would focus on the intention that you have from the time your feet hit the ground, to the time you get to work.  After that you can continue on throughout your day, but we’re going to focus on the basics today.


For example, for me it would be from 3am to 9am.  This can vary depending on what you do for your job.  By scheduling out my first six hours of my day, I am able to approach the first part of my day with the greatest intention possible.  The results of being intentional will keep you on the path to success.


Get extremely intentional with the first part of your day.

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