Don't Be a Hater

Cory Gregory


Hater: someone that doesn’t want to see others be successful

Hater is now a term that is used quite regularly, especially in the complex world of social media.  What many don’t realize is that this “haterism” in fact comes from a personal insecurity.  I know of this because I have caught myself being a hater in the past, before I was secure with what I do.  This is what happens…

When you’re a hater, you usually don’t understand the commitment or situation of how someone got to a certain point.  You don’t know the full story of how the person came to be the way they are today. 

Back in the day, in different business settings I was a hater on some people, when in reality I was more upset that I wasn’t progressing the way I wanted to, even though I thought I should have.  At that point in my career I thought I was entitled to a certain level of success.  That was exactly what was holding me back.  Not only was I hating and feeling entitled, I couldn’t get out of my own way.  What I should have been working on was my craft and creating opportunities for myself to get to the space I was hating on.

Think about this: instead of spending time as an insecure person and hating on someone else, spend that time to work on your craft to make you a more confident version of yourself.  That’s the truth.

If I catch myself feeling a certain way about someone else I’ll ask myself questions such as, “Why am I feeling this way?”  This goes hand in hand with one of the best things that Maurice Clarett has ever told me, “Never count another person’s money.”  This is important because once you begin to do this, you open the door for envy to enter your life.  It’s okay to look up to someone and be inspired, but the problems start when you think you are better than them.  It will only place limitations on your success.

This is a great way to think and evaluate how you are currently operating because it identifies those things that may be restricting you.  I’ve been working on my own personal development and creating more opportunities over the past 20 years, but I’ve seen these elements enter the equation at multiple points along the way.  We’re all human.

No matter what level of success you have attained or are experiencing, there is always going to be hate directed towards you at some point.  For example, even though I was helping thousands of people around the world reach their goals, people still wanted to throw hate my way, which honestly just felt weird to me.  Only when I started to become a hater at different points of my life, I started to understand where this originated.

Know that the person that is coming at you is more than likely extremely insecure and has an entitlement problem.  They wonder why they are not where you are at.  The key is to not respond.  Don’t give it life or power.  It’s time for them to figure their own shit out. 

This is the reason why I don’t respond to hate.  I won’t comment on it because I’m too busy worrying about my own program.  My own program is what takes care of the people that support my family and I.  It has nothing to do with the people that are hating, throwing you shade or talking behind your back.  When it comes down it, they are unhappy with themselves.

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