Developing A Predator Mindset Pt.2

Mindset Mike


     In Part 1, we talked about the core concepts of a Predator Mindset – having a laser focus on yourself, what you can control, and staying relentless in your pursuit of the task at hand.

The second stage of the Predator Mindset will focus on having a narrow vision and controlling the controllable 

PART 2: Narrow Your Vision & Control the Controllables

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to think like prey but few ways to think like a predator.

While your task at hand may change, the objectives of a predator athlete remain the same whether you are training or competing and are based on performance, not outcome. That goes for in the gym, on the field, in the cage, or day to day activity – you are laser focused on what’s right in front of you and will attack that with a MAX EFFORT. Predator athletes don’t get distracted or frustrated by their last set, or how tired they might feel.  They only focus on themselves and what they can control.

Focusing on anything outside of our control or things that don’t matter is a waste of time and emotional energy. What are the important things in our control during training and competition? Simply put: effort, attitude, and aggressiveness. When you maximize these three things, you will maximize your performance.


EFFORT: Prey athletes take shortcuts, worry about getting tired, and try to coast. They’re worried if they give it their all, they might get tired and not finish their workout, hit their PR, or finish the round. Predator athletes  focus on giving a maximum effort in every practice and in every round regardless of the exercise, their opponent,, how they feel, or the time on the clock. They are looking at emptying their tank EVERY.SINGLE.REP.

ATTITUDE:  Prey athletes have negative attitudes, make excuses, complain, worry about what others think, and are focused on outcome instead of performance. They are sore losers and are often found making excuses for what went wrong. Predator athletes approach every situation with the same intent — to dominate, not just win. To crush their goals, not just hope to achieve them.. Predators are never complacent.

AGGRESSIVENESS: Prey athletes, especially fighters, are cautious and worry about making mistakes, so they lack the confidence to pull the trigger. Predator fighters hunt for their positions instead of waiting for an opportunity. They hunt for opportunities to do harm to their opponents and constantly improve their position. They keep the pressure forward and focus on doing harm and improving their position. In the gym a Predator athlete isn’t afraid to try new methods, and doesn’t hesitate no matter what the exercise or how much of their workout is left. They are always willing to take chances and only see failure as giving up.


STAY TUNED for the final stage in becoming a Predator athlete -  learn how to turn prey thoughts into Predator thoughts.

Remember, you have a choice in every moment at the gym, during a practice, or in your daily life: Are you going to be the predator or the prey? Choice is yours.


Mindset Mike is one of the directors at Winning Mindset – a systematic and sport-specific mindset training company used by high level athletes across the world. Mike specifically oversees both the Wrestling and Martial Arts specific programs that service youth through NCAA Champions, Olympians, and UFC/Bellator fighters.


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