Developing A Predator Mindset To Enhance Performance

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Part 1 – Core Concepts   Part 2 – Control the Controllables   Part 3 -  Dealing with Prey Thoughts

     You have a choice in every moment at the gym, during a practice, or in your daily life: Are you going to be the predator or the prey? That question is answered based on you place your focus, and when mastered, this concept will change your entire life.


     The animal kingdom is made up of predator and prey animals. The saying goes “eyes in the front, likes to hunt; eyes on the side, likes to hide.” Animals that are often considered “prey” have evolved to have eyes in the front of their head or further apart than a predator animal. This is to improve peripheral vision so that they can see everything that is going on around them and protect themselves. Think of squirrels, mice, and rabbits.


     On the other hand, predator animals have eyes much closer together because they don’t need to be as concerned with the world around them. Instead, they are focused solely on their objective and need tunnel vision and laser-like focus to attack their prey. Think of lions, tigers, bears, and humans — yes, you are a natural-born predator!


 “Losers focus on winners and winners focus on winning.” 


     To succeed in sports and in life, you must have a predator mindset. You must know how to focus on the right things, almost all of which revolve around yourself. 


     Prey athletes are concerned with everything around them and things outside of their control or things that don’t matter — records, rankings, what other people think, “what if” scenarios, etc. The predator athlete doesn’t look ahead, doesn’t look around, and certainly doesn’t look back. They make decisions based on what they believe in regardless of others and keep the focus on themselves, the things they can control, and their task at hand. 


     Athletes must master the concepts outlined in this three part series and practice them in training as well as in their daily lives if they want to bring that predator mentality into competition. 


PART 2: Narrow Your Vision & Focus On Your Objectives

     STAY TUNED for part 2 of this series on the predator mentality to learn how to control the controllables – effort, attitude and aggressiveness - to maximize your performance in the gym and any sport


     Mindset Mike is one of the directors at Winning Mindset – a systematic and sport-specific mindset training company used by high level athletes across the world. Mike specifically oversees both the Wrestling and Martial Arts specific programs that service youth through NCAA Champions, Olympians, and UFC/Bellator fighters.


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