Building A Personal Training Business Pt.1

Cory Gregory


     If I turn back the clock to high school 20 years ago in rural Ohio, personal training wasn’t a job that existed.  When I first heard that this job actually existed I thought, “Oh my god, I can’t believe that someone would pay me to lift weights with them.”  To me, that sounded like the best job of all time.  Keep in mind, that I was working at the sawmill stacking lumber at this time for about $7/hour for 10 hours a day after going to community college at Steubenville.


     When the thought rose to me that I could go to Columbus State for a one-year program to learn how to personal train, I was all in.  Shortly after, I transitioned jobs to the underground coalmine to save money to move.  Every day I was super focused while I was shoveling coal.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with a coalmine, it’s 600 ft. underground and the ceiling is only between 38-50 inches tall in most places.  So picture me on my knees, coal sitting on the ground and a belt line humming by me for 10 hours trying to shovel a path from the coal that had fallen off the belt. 


     At this time, I was currently making $14 per hour and $21 per hour for overtime (I was between 80-90 hours per week).  I thought that if I could make $21 per hour lifting weights, then all bets are off and I’d be a success.  It’s all I could conceptualize.  I told everybody that I was going to move to the city, go to school for a one year and be a personal trainer.  I thought that this was going to be the “end all, be all.”  In the end, that was my deal and my entry point.  This is what clouded my thoughts every day


     I asked myself, “Can personal training be a job and my reality?  Can I lift weights and get paid?”  Once I locked onto this concept, it was a way for me to dream.  I didn’t even know if this could happen, but I was in love with the concept of personal training.  I would be an ultimate success in my mind, coming from a trailer that costs $150 per month rent, to somehow get someone to pay me to lift weights with them.


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