3 Ways To Wear The OG1 Shoes

Max Effort Muscle


The Max Effort OG1 Shoe is one of the most versatile shoes on the market right now. So, we wanted to take the opportunity to explain how many different occasions that this shoe can be used for:

1. Obviously, the OG1 shoes can be worn inside the gym. They make a great shoe to squat and deadlift in. They are stable and provide a tremendous amount of ankle support. They are comfortable, and much safer than the shoes that you have been lifting weights in!

2. The OG1 shoe makes for a great running shoe as well. It is very light weight. Optimally, we would use these for stuff like trail runs or stair climbs because of the stability that they provide. 

3. Last and definitely not least, the OG1 shoe can be used for occasions OUTSIDE of the gym. They look great with any pair of shorts or jeans and will provide a definite upgrade to your wardrobe this summer!