Wrestlers Grip Pull Ups

Dustin Myers


Coach Dustin Myers is coming to you live from THE Old School Gym.  Today he is bringing to you the Wrestling Strength Tip Of The Week which is really going to help you build that wrestling specific grip strength.  Dustin loves pullups, it's one of his favorite exercises but think about the way that you grip the bar.  You are never going to grab your opponent like that.  When you grab your opponent's leg it is usually with your hands together and you suck it in.  So you are going to do a pullup variation to mimic that same style of grip which is going to help you get strong in that position.  Now you can use either ab sleeves if you have them if not you can use a towel or a sweatshirt and tie it around the bar.  What you will do then is grip your hands in the same position you would have them if you were going for a leg and do a pullup.  Pull all the way you to your chest and work on going down slow.  If you really want to challenge yourself you can throw some weight around your waist.  Give these Wrestlers Grip Pull Ups a try and let us know what you think!


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