Truth About Abs Pt.13

Cory Gregory


Most people think they want abs right?  In order to achieve those coveted abs, your mindset has to match your dedication level.  Here’s what I mean. 


During the year I go through different phases where something such as Powerlifting is my primary focus.  Therefore, I’m not as concerned with what my abs look like.  Sure, I don’t want to let myself go and look like a slob, but it’s not my main focus.  On the other hand, there are other parts of the year where having abs is my main objective.  The goal here is to make my abs look like they were carved out of granite and look so nasty that it makes people feel uncomfortable.  It’s really how I think about it.


When you visualize yourself on what’s happening with your conditioning and what you look like physically, that is a significant part of it.  Having abs at an extreme level is a higher priority now at this moment when I’m writing this article than it was a few months ago because I had different goals.


The moral of the story if this is your goal, is to make sure you are leading with discipline, intensity and intention to get the abs or body that you want.  Don’t wish and hope, not backing it up with the proper discipline, work and perseverance.  I use the word perseverance here because you are going to have so many opportunities to throw in the towel.  Your friends ask you to drink and eat wings on Wednesday, you drink an extra day or you ate the chocolate cake for dessert on Thursday.


It’s one of those things where you have to be fully dedicated.  I can feel the mindset shift when it’s turned on. The goal is to achieve that body that most people are after.  To me, the food and drink is not worth it more than the look.  When my goals are this clear and in line, I know exactly what program I am on. 


The food simply doesn’t come into play.  I can make milkshakes for my kids every night or I can go out to restaurants and skip the dessert.  Is it hard?  Yes, but it’s not crazy hard.  You signed up for this goal and you know that you are one step further away if you eat that dessert.  Either way, a true mindset change is required in order to reach these goals.

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