The Wrong Diet Mindset

Cory Gregory


When most people are “dieting” they feel as if something is being taken from them.  Newsflash: nothing is being taken from you.  In our modern society there are plenty of shitty food options right at our fingertips.  The temptation for brownies, bread and other baked goods are at an all-time high, making it even more difficult to stay on track.  The result is that many people simply accept this as the norm of how people eat.

On the other side, when you eat well and stay disciplined, you begin to see just how good you can feel.  A few benefits to point out right away are the body feeling better, the mind being clearer and even a decrease in inflammation.  People merely have the wrong approach.

This is how you need to think about it…

Eating the right way means that you are giving your body what it actually needs to operate at a high level.  You are supplying your body with the fuel in order to feel better and to enrich your quality of life.  It allows you to stay on the healthier side of the spectrum and help keep you from being sick.

Can you indulge sometimes?  Of course!  I believe it’s okay to treat yourself to a few drinks and different foods from time to time.  That being said, 95% of the time you should be eating what is optimal for your body. 

We must to change our mindset when it comes to “dieting” because it’s not really a diet.  It’s a lifestyle.  The lifestyle is wanting to feed your body the essential nutrients in order to feel and operate at its best. 

Someone isn’t stealing something from you.  Understanding this principle is a massive mindset shift that I had with dieting a long time ago.  I’m not just “eating good or clean,” it’s just my norm and what I expect.  It’s the discipline that I want to maintain and uphold to ensure that I operate at a higher level physically and mentally. 

This is the winning mindset when it comes to dieting.  It’s a lifestyle.

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