The #Truth on ABS - Pt. 2

Cory Gregory



If I eat fat, I will be fat and my abs won’t show.



I have used a high fat diet comprised of consuming quality fats for the majority of my life. Dietary fat does not raise your insulin, and even though it is more calorically dense, it does not turn into body fat. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but if you are eating properly it will give your body an abundance of energy, curb cravings, and even make your skin feel great.

On the other hand, some of the culprits of accumulation of body fat are bread, pasta, potatoes and even some fruit if you eat it at non-strategic times of the day. Once the body has to raise its insulin level to metabolize a food you ingest, your glycogen stores start to spill over because they are full, and the end result is……… you guessed it: stored body fat. 

I mentioned the concept of glycogen, which is the sugars that are stored in the muscle like a beaker.  Training fasted (on an empty stomach) will result in the contents of the beaker becoming depleted.  Then, once you replenish your glycogen stores with food to get back to the top level, you need to stop filling the beaker because if not, it will end up spilling over and becoming body fat. 

In summary, eat less carbs and sugars and eat more quality fats. Train and stay active. Eat well so that you don’t “spill over”, because the end result will be a blanket of fat on top of your abs.

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