The Truth About Abs Pt.7

Cory Gregory


     You can do all the abs you want, but you can’t out-ab crunch a bad diet.  Numerous people think that there is some magical abdominal exercise that is going to bring out their abs, when in reality there’s a layer of fat covering them.  In turn, those that bought an ab program at 2am in the morning get mad when the program “isn’t working,” when the real reason is that they simply aren’t lean enough to see their abs.


     Guess what?  Everybody has abs!  Once uncovered and you are lean enough, all those ab programs you’ve done for the look will start to show.  My thought when it comes to abs is that I want them to look so thick and nasty, that they look like they were carved out of granite when I’m lean.  That being said, I can’t see them as well when I’m in a powerlifting phase for example, because I’m heavier and it’s a completely different goal I’m working towards.


     At the end of the day, don’t ever blame your ab exercises.  It comes down to diet, discipline, conditioning and supplements.  Together they are the key to uncovering your abs.  What makes them fucking sick once they come in are exercises like weighted crunches, the ab wheels, the toes to bar, etc.   


     The main point to understand is that everyone does have abs.  Let’s uncover them and get the body fat off so you can see them.  Once again, abs showcase discipline.  Many ask me if the Fat Burner from Max Effort Muscle will help them get their abs.  Absolutely.  However, realize that a fat burner will not outperform a poor diet.  If you have your diet dialed in, you’re taking your fat burner, and you’re doing your ab training and conditioning, then you are setting yourself up to be the guy at the pool with abs this summer.


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