The Truth About Abs Pt.5

Cory Gregory


     Many people hit me up on social media and start with, “I’ve been doing my ab training, I’ve been doing all this stuff, I eat pretty well, but I just can’t get my lower abs in.”  Now, the lower abdomen is one of the toughest places to develop on the body, but it is definitely possible.  One of my favorite ways to target this area is through non-kipping toes to bar.  Although targeting your lower abs is important, the key to getting them is more than likely NOT because of your training.  To be blunt, you probably aren’t lean enough.


     When people say things like, “I’m holding too much water” or “I can’t target my lower abs so they won’t show,” I have to give them a newsflash: It’s because you have to get LEANER.  You have to check your diet, your conditioning, and your supplements.  These three together are the key.  You can see your abs, but not your entire six-pack. 


     I don’t know anyone that has 7-8% bodyfat and they can’t see all their abs.  They would have to have severely underdeveloped abs in order for this to happen.  At the end of the day, 10% will give you a turtle shell, and if you follow the other Truth About Abs articles, you’ll see that by thickening up your abs allows you to see them even at a higher bodyfat percentage.  Thickening up your abs in such a way takes years and years of consistency and discipline, while training them year round. 


     In this case, don’t continue defaulting to the excuse of thinking it’s your ab training that’s the problem.  More than likely it’s a conditioning, bodyfat or nutrition issue.  The Truth About Abs, Pt. 5: You’re not holding water, it’s probably not your ab training, you just need to get leaner.


     To Get Leaner: Add the Max Effort Muscle Fat Burner twice per day and add in a conditioning tool such as 400m of Walking Lunges 5-6 times per week.


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