The Next American Ninja Warrior

Morgan Rae Sahagian


     What's up! My name is Morgan Rae Sahagian, I'm 26 years YOUNG & I want to be the next American Ninja Warrior! To some of you that may mean nothing, that may seem silly, unrealistic, or totally freaking AWESOME! I have been training for American Ninja Warrior for about 5 years now, I was a gymnast and cheerleader when I was younger. Always involved in some type of sport but also always working and training as hard as I could because I always want to be the best me and prove to myself that I am better than I was yesterday.  


     One of my close friends and training buddies, Andrew Lowes, was the one to get me into ANW (American Ninja Warrior). We would always play around at the gymnastics gym and one day he told me that he was going to be on a show. Me: Haha yeah right. Andy: Yeah, it's called American Ninja Warrior....long story short- Andy was on American Ninja warrior, he did great and I became obsessed with the workouts/obstacles. We would set up obstacle courses at our gymnastics gym and I started to become really strong and really good at Ninja. So Andy convinced me to Apply & helped me make a submission video for Season 7 of American Ninja Warrior..And guess what... I GOT THE CALL.. 

     Applying for ANW consists of a very, very long, in depth questionnaire you have to really think about yourself and dig deep inside of your feels so that you look and seem worthy and/or unique enough to be on ANW. It's not always about your athletic ability, yes obviously that’s the main part, but they want people on the show that have a great personality too or a good/inspiring story.   


     I don’t necessarily think I was mentally or physically ready to compete my first year of ANW on season 7. I have always been working out and in good shape but Ninja training is so much more than being the typical physically strong. Being a great, successful ninja requires a different kind of strength physically and mentally. Some of the obstacles are freaking scary!! I think I was strong enough my first year on the show but I don’t think that I was mentally prepared for the situation I was about to be in. Being in the spotlight, performing at late hours of the night, tired, cold, nervous, excited, scared ..ALL of the feelings happening at the same time. BY THE WAY—I AM SCARED OF HEIGHTS!! Heights have been the hardest thing I've had to get over, But I think that, that is what keeps pushing me..there is always a new Challenge when it comes to ninja training.. always something that is going to scare me because I think it might be too hard, but I know I am strong enough and talented enough to get through it.  


     After season 7 of ANW I took some time off from ninja training and started doing fitness, bikini competitions, I liked it but I didn’t love it.  I did really well, I got first place in bikini and met a lot of amazing people but my heart was not in it. So of course, I went back to ninja training. I applied for season 8 and I didn’t get "the call". I was super upset but then I realized I shouldn’t be upset because I wasn’t focused on ninja all year, I wasn’t putting my all into the training.  I still went to some of the city qualifiers to cheer on friends and went to Vegas to be a course tester. I actually didn’t even apply for season 9..I think I was a little turned off after not getting called. I've never stopped loving this sport though so I kept training, in the last year or so I have gotten really strong, a lot more level headed with ninja, I have been more daring when it comes to scary or new obstacles and I just all around started training harder and just became more serious about my training. I love this sport so why not put everything I have into it!  This last year, I got the courage back to fill out that application and create a unique, strong video that made me stand out. Applying for a show amongst thousands of other applicants.. Yes, I GOT THE CALL AGAIN!!!!!  

     I was chosen to compete on American Ninja Warrior again for the second time, this time, I was ready! I wasn’t even nervous, I was so confident and excited!..... Until I saw the course. I was a little intimidated because of ONE thing..A MINI TRAMPOLINE! I hate mini trampolines, I don’t know why but I just do..they've scared me since I was little.  


But—That is all I have to say until my episode of American Ninja Warrior Season 10 airs on June 18th On NBC!


Lets hope they show my run!!! LOOK FOR MORGATRON!


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