The "Mile Style Relay" Challenge

Dustin Myers


     Need a little variety for your next track workout?  If you like to think outside the box and challenge yourself then I got the perfect thing for you.  The Mile Style relay is 4 laps on a track, with each 400m being a different “style”.  I would recommend doing a light jog and dynamic stretching routine to warm up before starting lap 1.  Do all 4 laps consecutively.


Lap 1:  Hard Run - run the first lap at a hard pace, no more than 10 seconds slower than your 400m PR time.  For example, if your best 400m time is 60 seconds, you want to run that first lap in 1:10.


Lap 2:  Shuffle - begin by turning “inward” toward the center of the track with your right foot out in front of you.  Side shuffle without crossing your feet for the first 200m, then turn your body so you are facing outside the track with your opposite foot forward.  Shuffle the remaining 200m.


Lap 3: Back Pedal - turn backwards and back pedal for 400m.  At the risk of stating the obvious…don’t trip and fall over.


Lap 4: Lunge - Complete walking lunges for the remaining 400m.  Touch your knee carefully on each rep.  400m of lunges is a grind, but try to focus on form and technique rather than rushing thru the lunges.


     This is a fun challenge to incorporate once a month or so.  Time the entire mile from start to finish and see if you can beat your mark the next time, or do it with a group and see who can toughen up and grind this one out the fastest!


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