The GutCheck 1 Mile March Of Death

Dustin Myers


Want to test your work capacity, toughness, grip strength and overall endurance?

Then I have a challenge for you.  All it involves is walking a mile with a training partner and carrying some stuff.***

***note: anytime a coach tries to simplify and gloss over the explanation, they may be trying to bait you into something not so fun.

Ok here’s the set up.  Grab a partner that is roughly the same size as you.  You will need a set of dumbbells that combined equal approximately 75% of your bodyweight (example: I weigh 165, 165lbs x .75 = 123.  So I would use 60lb Dumbbells).  Next, grab a medicine ball equal to the weight of one of the dumbbells (I would use a 60lb Medicine Ball).  Map out a course outside where you can walk one mile, preferably ending back at your starting point.  One of you will carry the dumbbells in a Farmers Walk and the other one will carry the medicine Ball in a body lock position.  It doesn’t matter who starts with which weight - you will switch positions often during the 1 mile walk.  Whenever you can no longer carry the dumbbells, set them down and trade with your partner for the medicine ball.

 This challenge is a grind physically and mentally!  Make sure to chalk up before you head out and always walk with your chest up and back straight.  If you are new to these types of challenges you may be surprised at your lack of work capacity - once you are fatigued your strength can diminish quickly.  Beginners may want to try it for the first time with a slightly lighter weight than the prescribed percentages.  Good luck!


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