One Step At A Time

Cory Gregory


     Incorporating Walking Lunges into my routine for five or six days per week, at 400-800m at a time, has really helped me take things at a consistent level because it is all about being one step at a time.  It’s the time involved to build up your general physical preparedness to a level where your legs look nasty and strong. 


     There are so many correlations between walking lunges with business or life.  It’s not fastThey aren’t easy.  You do get used to the conditioning and daily pain, but at the end of the day they make you stronger mentally AND physically


     When I look back to when I started squatting every day for nearly three years, walking lunges were an integral part of my program.  Even before I even started squatting every day, I was already lunging at a high level.


     I believe that if I can make my connective tissue, glutes, and hamstrings stronger, then it would help take some of the pressure off my lower back.  With all this time involved and consistency, things began to turn over and come together.  It started to turn over when I was able to hit Elite totals at both 181 and 198.  The countless minutes I invested into lunging turned over when my legs looked nasty on stage during the Muscle Trifecta (Olympic Meet, Powerlifting Meet & Bodybuilding Show all in the same weekend).


     The lunges outlined the time that I could take for myself mentally to listen to something of quality (Lunge & Learn) to make myself better.  Lunges are one step at a time.  Life, business, personal, gym, etc. is all one step at a time.  Focus on one step in front of the other. 


     If you are a beginner, you may be walking.  It’s still one step at a time.  If you are intermediate to advanced, I would try the lunges.  It’s a mental and physical grind that will make you better as a whole.  Committing to 400-800m for five days a week will not only change your metabolism and mentality, but also change your lifting forever.


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