Lunge Challenge: 100 Yards 100lb Weighted Vest

Dustin Myers


This weeks #weeklyworkoutchallenge is from Dustin Myers who is challenging YOU to a 100 Yard 100lb Weighted Vest Lunge Challenge.  Dustin took to the Horse Shoe at THE Ohio State University to tackle this brutal challenge.  Doing 100 yards with no weight is enough to get the legs burning and the heart pumping.  Now throw 100lbs on your shoulders and do this for time to see how challenging this really is.  To make up the 100lb weighted vest Dustin has on two 50lb weighted vests. Make sure that with ever rep your knee is touching the ground.  BUT don't get lazy with it and let your knee slam to the ground.  This is a good way to mess your self up.  Your mental toughness is going to be tested on this one and with every rep it only going to get harder.  See just how hard you can push yourself if you want to beat Dustin!  Can you beat him?  Watch the video above to get the time to beat!  Give this Lunge Challenge a try and make sure to post them to Instagram and tag @coachmyers_gutcheck and @maxeffortmuscle 


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