Gutcheck Sprints

Dustin Myers


What if I told you that I have a workout that involves less than 4 minutes of actual work that will dramatically improve your conditioning, build speed and endurance, all while putting your mental toughness to the test? You would probably think I was pulling your leg. In the fitness world, anything that sounds too good to be true… is typically just that.  So how can this short sprint workout I am about to teach you deliver the goods in such a short period of time?

Like all things in life, there’s a catch. The secret to getting the most out of this, or any sprint workout, is that you must be willing to give true MAX EFFORT on every go.  Don’t try to pace yourself or save some gas for the end. There may only be roughly 4 minutes of actual work (spread out over 8 minutes), but if you take yourself into deep water, it is more than enough. Try this workout on either an Airdyne, Rower, or UBE.  Another option would be to utilize the intervals for a track workout.

2 minutes - 10 seconds easy/20 second sprint x 4

- 1 minute rest

2 minutes - 10 seconds easy/10 second sprint x 6

- 1 minute rest

1 minute - 10 seconds sprint/10 seconds easy x 3

1 minute - max effort

Start your first 2 minute block with 10 seconds at an easy pace (if on an airdyne, just barely keep the pedals and handles moving) before going into an all-out sprint for 20 seconds. If you are truly sprinting, you can expect your speed to drop off a little towards the end of the interval. Repeat for a total of 4 times (2 minutes) then rest for 1 minute.  Your next 2 minute block consists of six intervals of 10 seconds easy and 10 seconds sprinting. Rest one minute and then begin the last 2 minute block with a 10 second sprint (rather than starting with a 10 second “easy”). After you have completed 3 sprint intervals (1 minute total), it’s time to empty the tank for the last 1 minute.  This will not be a true “sprint”, but you should push the pace past where it feels comfortable and safe. This workout can be tough…or it can be the most grueling thing you have ever experienced. The choice is yours and is ultimately dependent on the effort you are willing to put in.